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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Year in Review

All I have to say, is that my 20th year was pretty darn wonderful. 

20th Birthday in Jerusalem. 

December in Jerusalem.

Got married to Jesse.  Couldn't be happier about it!

 Gained another family. 

Drove out to Chicago with my family for a second reception.

Had a sister in law get married.

Had our first garden.
Photo: I like this picture of you too.
 Saw Andrew Bird with Jess

Finished working at Alysse's Bridal.

Gained the cutest nephew in the whole world.

Sent this brother on a mission

Other mentionables:
-moved into two apartments w/ Jesse
-completed two awesome semesters at BYU and almost completed a third.
-went rock climbing all summer long
-road tripped to Cali with awesome people
-started a new job
-started a new calling in church as a primary chorister
-voted for the first time
-went down the orange slide at seven peaks
- saw Sleigh Bells weeks of finals and loved it!
-read Life of Pi, Catcher in the Rye, The Chocolate War, East of Eden, and The Book Thief.
-learned how to make sushi
-kept a bi-weekly vlog (

Well folks, it's been real!  Thanks for making it possible!
*wedding photos by Anna James

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  1. Leslie. Your wedding pictures are stunning!! But I would expect nothing less from Anna and two gorgeous people like you and Jesse. What a fun year for you full of wonderful things and experiences. I hope you had an awesome birthday and the year ahead is just as great for you.

    PS: I love that you guys have a vlog. That is such a great way to journal your lives and what's been happening. You'll love having those videos in the years to come.